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    December 2007:
    Visit to Nu Phoe Refugee Camp (Maung-maung, Chong Lim and Siew Ngan)

    It was a tough journey. We had car sick on the way to the top of the mountain where Nu Phoe Refugee Camp located.

    There are 2199 curves from Umphang valley to Nu Phoe Refugee Camp. This picture was taken on the way – near Umphean Refugee Camp.

    Umphean Refugee Camp is located on the way to Nu Phoe Refugee Camp. This camp is supported by the United Nation with approximately 25,000 refugees in December 2007.

    Entrance/Exit of Nu Phoe Refugee Camp – Security Check. From left – Siew Ngan, Maung-maung and Chong Lim.

    Nu Phoe Refugee Camp is surrounded by bamboo forests and bamboo is the main resources for all buildings in this camp. There are approximately 15,000 refugees in December 2007.

    In June 2007, the H.E.A.R.T. Foundation donated a library, books, furniture for classrooms, stationeries, exercise books to the P.A.B. Basic Education School in Nu Phoe Refugee Camp.

    Teachers’ list – P.A.B. Basic Education School.

    The library donated by the H.E.A.R.T. Foundation.

    Inside the library – we are still seriously in need of English and Burmese books to equip this library.

    Entrance of the KYO Orphanage (Girls’ home).

    A simple and basic kitchen for 30 girls. This place is normally flooded during rainy season.

    The rooms for 30 girls. It is pretty cold during winter as Nu Phoe Refugee Camp is located on top of the mountain. The Foundation has donated blankets, sanitary pads, stationeries and exercise books to the KYO Orphanage children. There are 60 refugee orphans (30 boys and 30 girls) in this orphanage. Only 30 are supported by the UN. In December 2007, 60 orphans are sharing the food of 30. According to the KYO Orphanage care taker, they are expecting the number of orphans to grow to 150 in May 2008 and food aid is seriously in need.

    One of the “streets” in Nu Phoe Refugee Camp.

    A handsome little boy.

    A Church.

    The “High Street” or Market Place where the residents trade.

    Been there, done that... We made it...

    The Magic Hill, Tak, Thailand – Have you ever seen a Coke bottle rolling up the hill without any help?

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